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Norvist Corporation. The overview and Global Responsibilities.

Corporation Overview

The Corporation was established on the principal that it's possible to be involved in business while maintaining good ethical values. This is to say that one can be successful in business while acting honestly, truthfully and fairly. Therefore, honest, truthful and fair treatment of customers, suppliers and employees is the most important goal of the company while it tries to make a profit. Our aim is to be a company that keeps its commitments to its employees, customers and suppliers and to make Norvist a great place to work. we have representations in all around the world, regions like Europe, US, Southeast Asia, Middle East etc. Norvist has built its reputation by providing a wide range of services to the markets and manufacturing trade. we are supplying medical devices and equipments, food and beverage and providing business consulting and investment services. Norvist Corporation is a leading provider of innovative medical devices used by interventional cardiologists, surgeons, and other physicians for the minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of coronary vascular disease. Norvist has distinguished itself as a dynamic brand in a technologically competitive, high-growth industry, selling its products in the world through a direct sales force and in international  markets  through  a right combination of direct sales and distributors. Norvist now boasts a diverse product line that includes market-leading radiofrequency ablation systems, cardiology items, endovascular devices, vascular access products, angiographic products and accessories, dialysis products, angioplasty products, drainage products, thrombolytic products, embolization products and venous products. Over the years, one of the distinguishing characteristics of Norvist has been the Company’s consistent ability to successfully develop and bring to market new technologies and products. And over half of the Company’s growth was attributed to new products introduced during the last fiscal year. Norvist believes it is well-poised to continue that trend. Looking into the future, the company plans to bring forth a continuing stream of innovations that greatly improve patient care by providing the highest quality and best performing products.  

Global Responsibilities

Global companies face a new set of issues that go well beyond their traditional business focus. Corporations must deal with global concerns about human rights, living wages and safe working conditions, child and forced labor, the environment and sustainable community development. We have code of standards and guidelines for all our suppliers, vendors (worldwide).

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